The Future of Cloud Computing in the Supply Chain

In many situations, small to midsize companies are better positioned than large companies to take advantage of cloud based solutions because they have not made the significant investment in enterprise systems and are burdened with the previous high cost of best of breed systems. The supply chain is one of the many areas where cloud solutions can have a major impact.

Cloud technology can impact businesses differently depending on their size and structure. Typically, new technologies provide the opportunity for large companies to increase their business and become more efficient. The latest research suggests that smaller companies have actually adapted cloud solutions faster, enabling them to gain ground on their larger competitors.

The cloud also offers several operating savings as well. With the solutions being maintained off site, you don’t have maintain the hardware or software allowing companies to eliminate the ancillary license and support costs. The service provider is responsible for making sure your systems are up 24/7.

Bring a public infrastructure, the cloud also gives companies the IT flexibility to adjust as the business requires it. Companies can add capacity at peak times or as growth dictates and release resources when no longer needed. In contrast, many large companies today have designed their systems for anticipated peaks over the next 5-7 years.

Another important aspect is the sharing of information, which is very important in supply chain operations. With large enterprise systems, the process of publishing and data sharing involves going through many connections and interfaces, but many cloud solutions enable partners and suppliers to access information through a portal.

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