Anseris Reports lets you analyze the current and latest data collected by your Manhattan or E3/JDA databases, providing you with real-time reporting & analysis. For this, you need to push the data from your databases into Anseris Reports. Aneris Reports offers an easy way for doing this:

Uploading your data to Anseris Reports

Pushing Data from your Databases from Behind the Firewall

Anseris Reports allows you to easily fetch data from your in-house databases, located behind your company firewall, and push the same into Anseris Reports for reporting and analysis. To achieve this, Anseris Reports provides you with an upload tool preconfigured for your reporting needs and update frequency. You can install this tool in your local environment, based on the update schedule it will pull data directly from your database and upload the same into your secure reporting database, without accessing Anseris Reports website via the browser.

For more information on how to set up this tool for pushing data directly from your database, please contact us.

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